Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guess Who Turned 1?

We celebrated Garrett's birthday today with family and friends and had a great time! We enjoyed everyone's company and love in celebrating this day with us! I am not ready for this little man to be 1 but I will make the most of it as his loving momma. I am so lucky to be his mom and he brings us joy everyday! Happy Birthday Garrett!!! Garrett is walking ALL over the place! He loves to stack things, loves to play trains with his big brother, loves to cuddle mommy and wrestle with daddy! He loves EVERYTHING when it comes to food, loves milk and is meeting every developmental stage! He had his first year appointment and everything was perfect! Yeah!!! Favorites:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas with Santa

Aaden was so cute when he walked up to Santa! He told him, "Santa I need 5 presents!" He couldn't name what he wanted but he knew the amount he wanted, haha! Too cute! Garrett did well having Aaden there, but he definitely was looking at momma like come and get me, PLEASE! Look at this little face! Priceless.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Family Photos

Photos Resolution

This next year, I am going to be better! I need to be better! I despise looking at this past year and the photos, I feel like I look horrible, the boys are never in clothes long enough to get good photos. Garrett only has a handful to what Aaden had his first year. We never have anyone to take photos of all of us together. Its just the complaining of my mood tonight....but really. I want happy, friendly, funny, cute and adorable pictures. IF I could delete ALL the photos from this year and not feel guilty I would. Although, having a husband sleep during the day and work at night, you don't really get quality-equal photo op time! hehe.....


Turning 1!

Garrett, I can't believe you are one my dear. This year has gone by so quick and it makes mommy sad :( I want to cuddle my baby again. You are so precious to me and mean so much to me, I am so glad you chose me to be your mom! You are so adorable, I love your blue eyes, I love your soft blonde hair, I love your smile and your laugh (even if we don't get it too often). I love how you play with your big brother and chase the dog, I love how you manage to bull doze anything in your way. You are fearless my boy and show me that everyday. I can't believe you are walking and trying to vocalize ALREADY! You have done everything WAY earlier then I expected!!! There are so many things I love and learn about you daily and am so grateful to have that opportunity. We love you so much Gar-bear!

-facing forward (even though they recommend 2 years now-no way for me)
-eating anything he can come in contact with, favorites are, chicken, corn, green beans, yogurt, any fruit and veggie really, puffs, eggs, toast....etc.
-bull doze, he will knock over or move anything in his way
-not sleeping through the night :( he has maybe once, depending on how long you call sleeping through the night, lol!

November and December (partially)

For Thanksgiving we took a trip to KC, to spend it with my sister and her family. I forgot to mention we welcomed their cutest new addition Drake to the family this past summer!! He is a doll and makes me want another baby.....

I am a horrible photographer and didn't get any photos, but we had a great time. We recently got family photos done as well, hopefully a post soon to follow of some of them! I am in love with them as well as each person in them :)

Halloween was in there too! We just did a quick costume change with the boys with what we had at home and with friends. We went to the mall, disappointing and just came home! Maybe we can venture out and have some excitement next year. But I have to say the boys were cute!

Aaden and daddy have been going to the Lowe's Build and Grow Clinics, Aaden loves it and its definitely a good one on one time for him! He needs those special moments to remember how important he is to us. He is a trooper for the love and attention Garrett needs! But really, if you only knew!

September and October

Besides taking a few quick trips to Wichita, we have spent the last few months really just at home; playing, working on abc's, numbers, learning the tricks of board games, which Aaden is a Rock Star with them. Enjoying company of friends, family and just trying to survive the school months, boo! SOOOO ready for break!